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A few years back, living in basically just a 7 by 8 bedroom with the same size kitchen [and no counter space], I decided that I wanted to cook. I defied all space constraints and made an apple pie - crust as well - from scratch. The cooking bus was in me. From there, I began baking and cooking often. I didn't let anything stop me. 

Little by little, I moved up to larger and larger spaces - which gave the opportunity for my experience to grow along with my kitchen size. I began cooking/baking more advanced meals and goodies. I would bring treats to all family events, friends parties, etc. After years of this, and friends and family telling me I should start a business out of it, I took their direction and began Sarah's Flavorful Foodstuffs. 

It might be one of the shorter "how I started my business" stories, but thats the nutshell of it. 

I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to watch people enjoying my creations - all adapted from recipes I've received and read.